BionovoH is committed to the development of new materials for regenerative medicine that can replace and repair human tissues and organs. Focusing on the technology of regenerative medicine, it develops a full range of innovative medical devices (class III medical devices) and innovative drug-device combination products (class II new drugs), to serve the beautiful and healthy life of mankind.

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Innovation and R & D

BionovoH continues to promote innovation for products and production process and has established an integrated product R&D system for product design, formulation development, drug delivery, function optimization, process verification, quality research, animal test evaluation, in vivo metabolism tracking to clinical verification. Enterprise development is being led by innovation and quality.

Application of BionovoH's New Materials for Regenerative Medicine

BionovoH applies the developed new medical materials for regeneration and repair to: high-end consumables necessary during and after surgery, tissue and organ injury repair materials, and locally tumor targeted sustained-release preparations, and innovatively expands to medical beauty implants, skin care and medical care series.

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